September 2008

How crucial is it that we have a Hip-Hop wing at the Smithsonian Museum of American History? Pretty crucial, according to 50-Cent, Kanye West and Missy Elliot.

They, along with some others, are auctioning off some of their jewelry to benefit the National Museum of American History’s drive to establish a permanent hip-hop exhibit.

The auction is on March 5th in New York City, so start saving.


Carved Creations has a lot of interesting personalized products, but the Roman numeral rings–also called the LifeDates™ Collection–is especially unique.

Whatever your special date, whether wedding anniversary, birthday, or births of children, can be set in Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow or White Gold, or Platanium® with Roman numerals. Cut deeply into the outside of the ring, these numerals have a striking, immortal look. It’s one of those pieces of jewelry people will notice and comment on.

It will also force you to learn Roman numerals!

InventorSpot, a blog that supports and highlights interesting inventions around the world, has put together a pretty interesting feature of the 10 Most Innovative Rings of 2008. These rings are not just pretty, they’re sometimes practical and always unique.

Among the interesting designs are Ken Goldman’s Meat Tenderizer ring which looks slightly more lethal than a set of brass knuckles:

The white gold, waterproof Remember Ring which chimes to remind you of a particular date:

And then there’s the (Pilo Pilo) Cushion Ring, perfect for resting your head. It’s designed by Sae Shigeto & Ming Lo:

But let’s not forget the Salt & Pepper shaker ring!

For the full feature, click here.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan with something dazzling on her ring finger.

And here’s a gallery of even more stunning Celeb engagement rings.

According to the Washington Post, couples plan to spend more than $62 billion on their weddings this year. $2 billion of that will go toward wedding bands (while $6 billion will go to engagement rings).

The article also mentions that specialty jewelers these days are doing slightly better than larger chains. The data, coming from retail association Jewelers of America, shows that smaller jewelers saw a 6 percent increase from 2006 to 2007 while bigger retailers grew 3.5 percent.

Why? It could be that when it comes to a personal item like a wedding ring, consumers want the personal experience you get from a specialty jeweler.

Either way, it’s enouraging to see small businesses rocking the house.

If you’re used to the kind of pendant that stays tucked away or buttoned up, these may strike you as a little brazen. In fact, I thought the same thing at first. They’re round, carved with large letters and dangle from a thick rope. Then, it hit me: They are totally hot.

Taking a timeless approach–another word could be prehistoric (in a good way)–the new Bold Pendants from Carved Creations look earthy and almost runic. Yet, they’re made of Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow or White Gold, or Platanium™–Carved Creation’s unique alloy that has a platinum look with a titanium durability.

Plus, they are completely customizable. On your own personalized pendant you can feature a special date in Roman Numerals, your childrens’ names, a spouse or partner’s name, or your unique, carved design embossed.

The coolest thing about them? These pendants look like you never want to take them off. (Think of those ceramic hoops surfers wear all year-round). And they dangle perfectly with crucifix pendants or a lockets. Another great detail is that they are not too masculine or too feminine, making them an ideal anniversary gift, wedding party favor or graduation gift for anyone.

Check them out here.

Sure, an economic downturn may prevent a guy from buying, let’s say, a $140,000 Hot Wheels car, but a new survey says that same guy won’t blink when it comes to his engagement ring.

According to diamond merchants GemEx Inc., 62 percent of men and 60 percent of women say an engagement ring is always worth spending money on, to the tun of 1-3 months of the fiancee’s salary. In fact, 10 percent thought that the ring should account for 10 months’ salary. Ka-pow! The good news is, 41 percent of the women said they would help pay for the wedding ring.

MarketWatch unearths more details from the report, like:

  • Size doesn’t matter: Ninety-four percent of women and 90 percent of men say they would prefer a bright 3/4 carat diamond as opposed to a duller 1 carat diamond
  • Only 50 percent of men said they would be insulted if their fiancee asked to exchange her engagement ring
  • Eighty-four percent of women say their diamond ring represents more than an engagement–it’s a symbol of their style and personality
  • Eighty-five percent of women were surprised when their boyfriends proposed and 15 percent knew it was coming