October 2008

Yesterday, platinum prices saw a serious drop, hitting a five-year low on concerns that a global recession will reduce auto sales. (Platinum is often used in car manufacturing to reduce tailpipe emissions.)

However, what’s bad news for the auto industry is excellent news for jewelry buyers. The John Christian Company–makers of fine personalized rings, pendants, bracelets and more–are jumping back into the platinum business, so to speak, adjusting prices by as much as 40%.

It’s not that we are discounting,” says New Business Manager, Turner Waugh, “it’s just that we are ready to get back into the platinum business. The price move over the last few years basically forced us out of the platinum business due to the heavy weight of our pieces.”

In other words, this is an excellent time to buy platinum products. Here is a chart going back to October 2003:

So, if you haven’t considered buying platinum products in the last five years, now is a very good time.


Finances are going to be tight this holiday season, so you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on gifts that won’t be appreciated a few months (weeks, hours) after you give them. Food is always a thoughtful present, but how about something that lasts a lifetime?

John Christian Jewelry’s Monogram Collection is a great place to start. Offering a selection of monogram rings in 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Two-Tone Gold, Silver and Platinum,  they make a thoughtful gift for just about any adult age group. You can find ladies monogram rings, monogram pendants, and of course monogram cuff links.  See the images below for examples of John Christian’s dedication to personalized craftsmanship:

You can tell a lot about someone by the jewelry they wear, and I’m not talking about the amount of money they spend. Wedding rings and promise rings send a message about romantic commitments, cross pendants and Star of David necklaces let people know about religious beliefs, roman numeral rings commemorate special dates and wedding anniversaries (and help you remember them, too!), and family crest rings celebrate family history.

For a mother (or father, for that matter) there should be a way to wear something that reminds you and everyone around you about the greatest joy of your life: your children. It’s more memorable and durable than a pair of photos in your wallet, and it makes for an instant family heirloom for generations to treasure.

As part of its new Website launch, John Christian has a special page dedicate to its mothers’ rings, necklaces and bracelets. John Christian’s Continuous Life series offers personalized products with your children’s names and birthstones in beautiful, handcrafted settings.

Check out the site here, and mouse over the images for crystal-clear magnification.

The John Christian, innovators in personalized jewelry, site has a whole new look: Check it out here.

Whether you’re looking for wedding bands, monogram rings, Roman numeral rings, or cross pendants, John Christian products provide high quality and excellent prices.

The John Christian name inside your ring is your assurance of the very finest quality. John Christian Jewelry is designed and handcrafted to today’s exacting standards, while still maintaining Old World custom-made craftsmanship. John Christian’s one-of-a-kind custom jewelry is made by craft people whose hand-crafting skills are unsurpassed anywhere in the world. All John Christian Jewelry is warranted against any imperfection in design and workmanship and comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee!

Leave it to Miss Manners to clear up a major issue for jewelry inheritors. Is it appropriate to wear an ancestor’s engagement ring even if you’re not engaged or married and never plan on being?

Today, a reader asked the following question:

“DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am in my 50s, have never been married and I have no children, sisters, nieces or nephews. Being the only granddaughter, I inherited two diamond engagement rings from my grandmothers. They both have great sentimental value to me.

Would it be improper to wear them on my right-hand fingers? It’s a waste to let nice rings just sit in a box.”

Miss Manners replies by saying that, because they once were her grandmother’s rings but are now hers, they are no longer engagement rings but instead “Family Rings.”

For those interested in the concept of family rings, no need to wait for a relative to leave you a special ring. Consider John Christian’s Continuous Life Mothers’ Rings, which feature the names of children and family members; and also the Family Crest rings. Just provide your name and country of origin and the John Christian jewelers will do the rest.

They truly are “instant heirlooms.”

The National Jewelry Institute’s new show at the Forbes galleries in New York, which is on display until December 31, is called called “Masterpieces of Ancient Jewelry: Exquisite Objects from the Cradle of Civilization.” And that’s exactly what it delivers.

Featuring more than 100 pieces–including a carnelian, agate and Egyptian blue necklace from the first millennium B.C. Mesopotamia to an ancient Iranian armlet from 1030, not to mention signet rings,  gold necklaces and hoop earrings–the show will eventually move to Chicago’s Field Museum, where it will be on display from February 13th to July 5th.

According to Judith Price, founder and president of the non-profit NJI, “This exhibition chronicles the crosscurrents of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, capturing how those faiths and precious objects have evolved together over the millennia. Jewelry is much more than simply personal adornment. Like all true art, it can be a remarkable expression of a culture and way of life.”

In another round of useless celebrity news… pop singer Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo were spotted in Dallas’ Neiman Marcus looking at wedding rings.

(While they’re at it, they should check out some Diamond Charms from John Christian!)

Now, you’d think, after the Cabo San Lucas scandal of last season–not to mention the ‘Boys drubbing by the Skins on Sunday–that Romo would not hang around Jessica Simpson, who’s clearly bad luck for the team.

Instead, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, they’re planning a winter wedding. I guess some things really are more important than football.