The National Jewelry Institute’s new show at the Forbes galleries in New York, which is on display until December 31, is called called “Masterpieces of Ancient Jewelry: Exquisite Objects from the Cradle of Civilization.” And that’s exactly what it delivers.

Featuring more than 100 pieces–including a carnelian, agate and Egyptian blue necklace from the first millennium B.C. Mesopotamia to an ancient Iranian armlet from 1030, not to mention signet rings,  gold necklaces and hoop earrings–the show will eventually move to Chicago’s Field Museum, where it will be on display from February 13th to July 5th.

According to Judith Price, founder and president of the non-profit NJI, “This exhibition chronicles the crosscurrents of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, capturing how those faiths and precious objects have evolved together over the millennia. Jewelry is much more than simply personal adornment. Like all true art, it can be a remarkable expression of a culture and way of life.”