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gift_cardIf you’re already in the market for custom jewelry, like monogram rings, pendants or bracelets, why not save $25 instantly?

John Christian Jewelers is offering a $25 Gift Card when you join the John Christian Club. No purchase is necessary, if you just want to join the club and hold on to the Gift Card for later, and your information will not be shared with anyone.

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To past, present and future customers of John Christian and Carved Creations: Thank you very much for your business this season. There are plenty of jewelers out there to choose from, and we truly appreciate that you considered us. Please let us know if you have any concerns about the delivery or quality of the products you ordered.

We hope the season brings plenty of joy, happiness and thankfulness, and that you continue to turn to John Christian again when the need arises for unique, personalized jewelry and special gifts.

Many thanks to Jewlery guru Maggie MacLean and the entire team at the Jewlery Weblog for their article on the John Christian Company.

A full-page feature about jeweler John Christian can be found in this month’s FORTUNE Small Business! The story, which details the company’s decision to launch a less expensive product line (via Carved Creations), can be previewed below: [Click on the image to enlarge]


happy-holidays-webcopyThe news is in:

Even though prognosticators are calling for a slow shopping season, people are heading out early to find deals in malls and shopping centers.

But, as if you didn’t already know, you can find all those deals without leaving your chair. If you’re looking for unique, high-quality, handcrafted gifts–whether they be rings, bracelets, charm bracelets or personalized engraved crystal–you can always find what you’re looking for at John Christian.

Happy Holidays from all of us!

The families of John Christian and Carved Creations wish you a safe and festive holiday season.


brassemheadshotJan Brassem–founder of Eclipse Global Consulting LLC, a firm that assists jewelry retailers’ expansion into foreign markets–wrote a nice article on Platanium®, the metal allow developed by and available exclusively from John Christian and Carved Creations.

Mr. Brassem praises the innovative allow, claiming that it “could, to some degree, take the place of foreign gold and/or silver.” He also praises the initiative: “I hope other firms take a chance and launch innovative jewelry products too.”

For the full article from 10X, click here.

For a list of John Christian’s Platanium® products, click here.

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