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azsp_hp_y-earringsIf you’re a champion of green causes, it’s possible that you make nearly every purchasing decision with an understanding of how the product was made and where it came from. This extends to food, of course, clothing and housewares. But what about jewelry? Yes, now you can find eco-friendly rings and bracelets.

Dawes Design, run by metalsmith Jennifer Dawes in Northern California, is offering a series of unique pieces made from stones that are mined responsibly and recycled gold. In fact, Dawes will take your old ring and fashion a new one out of it. Green Daily has put together a cool slideshow of the pieces.

According to their official site, Dawes Design is a “slow business” using locally produced products and working with sustainable businesses that use recycled products.

Ms. Dawes says, “I want to add something to this world, not take it away. Becoming a mother has been the most profoundly meaningful and spiritual experience I have ever come to know. It has changed the way I perceive our future and how important it is to the commitment to a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle.”


The National Jewelry Institute’s new show at the Forbes galleries in New York, which is on display until December 31, is called called “Masterpieces of Ancient Jewelry: Exquisite Objects from the Cradle of Civilization.” And that’s exactly what it delivers.

Featuring more than 100 pieces–including a carnelian, agate and Egyptian blue necklace from the first millennium B.C. Mesopotamia to an ancient Iranian armlet from 1030, not to mention signet rings,  gold necklaces and hoop earrings–the show will eventually move to Chicago’s Field Museum, where it will be on display from February 13th to July 5th.

According to Judith Price, founder and president of the non-profit NJI, “This exhibition chronicles the crosscurrents of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, capturing how those faiths and precious objects have evolved together over the millennia. Jewelry is much more than simply personal adornment. Like all true art, it can be a remarkable expression of a culture and way of life.”

In another round of useless celebrity news… pop singer Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo were spotted in Dallas’ Neiman Marcus looking at wedding rings.

(While they’re at it, they should check out some Diamond Charms from John Christian!)

Now, you’d think, after the Cabo San Lucas scandal of last season–not to mention the ‘Boys drubbing by the Skins on Sunday–that Romo would not hang around Jessica Simpson, who’s clearly bad luck for the team.

Instead, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, they’re planning a winter wedding. I guess some things really are more important than football.

InventorSpot, a blog that supports and highlights interesting inventions around the world, has put together a pretty interesting feature of the 10 Most Innovative Rings of 2008. These rings are not just pretty, they’re sometimes practical and always unique.

Among the interesting designs are Ken Goldman’s Meat Tenderizer ring which looks slightly more lethal than a set of brass knuckles:

The white gold, waterproof Remember Ring which chimes to remind you of a particular date:

And then there’s the (Pilo Pilo) Cushion Ring, perfect for resting your head. It’s designed by Sae Shigeto & Ming Lo:

But let’s not forget the Salt & Pepper shaker ring!

For the full feature, click here.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan with something dazzling on her ring finger.

And here’s a gallery of even more stunning Celeb engagement rings.

Though Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz traded boyfriends (John Mayer for Paul Sculfor) not too long ago, it now looks like Cameron is getting the better end of the deal. Aniston and Mayer have split, while the ‘What Happens in Vegas’ star had the tabloids hoppin’ yesterday with reports of her sojorn with model Paul Sculfor.

According to a source, the pair seemed very happy during their holiday south of India’s Lakshadweep islands in the Maldives, during which the actress “ate like a horse.” Did we really need to know that? They also snorkled and kayaked and seemed “very happy,” thank goodness.

But the big, big news is that the source noticed a “chunky ring on her left ring finger.”

We’re on standby for an image…