cdsA crosspost from The Detroit News with a very interesting slant on recycled jewelry:

Marsha Hawkins of Detroit has come full-circle, so to speak, with using old records, CDs and DVDs as the “base” for creating a unique line of jewelry.

“Back in the ’80s, I had a little company with a partner named Wicked Women. We were fooling around with old phonograph records. She was painting them with wearable art paint, experimenting and letting them dry. We turned them into earrings and brooches,” Hawkins remembers.

She later gave up her jewelry-making to start another business, Always and Forever Wedding Chapel in Detroit which specialized in cultural weddings. After about five years, she closed the chapel and got back into jewelry-making when “people started asking me about my jewelry.”

This time around, she designed her one-of-a-kind “pieces” using disgarded CDs and DVDs in place of old records. She sells her collection under the name “Pieces” and describes her work as “fragments of wearable art for those with a passion for unique fashion.

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